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2nd 24.4km. Antiparos road race for health

Location of Race: Antiparos
Date: Saturday 25.05.2013
Starting Time:

Maximum duration of Race: 3.5 hours
Starting / Finish Line:
Old Pier (Palios Molos), Port of Antiparos.
Race Distance:

The following events will also be held parallel to the main race:
1) A Walk
approximately 12km long. Starting time: 16:30. The route begins at Ayios Yeorgios (St George), passes through Prophitis Ilias and Kambos, and terminates at the main village of Antiparos. Most of the course is on smooth dirt road; there is also a 30-minute-long downhill footpath, and a short distance on paved road as well. Participants must have a knapsack with them, appropriate footwear, head covering and water. There will also be a water station. Participants will gather at the wooden gazebo in the Port area at 16.00, and will subsequently be transported to Ayios Yeorgios by bus for the start of the Walk. 
2) A 2km Fun Race for all. Starting time: 17:30. The starting point will be the same as the one used by athletes participating in the 24.4km race.
3) A 24.4km race for manual wheelchairs (for persons with special abilities - for more info contact us).  

Participation: The race is not limited to athletes; any person wishing to participate just for the experience may also take part. All participants assume full and exclusive personal responsibility. Athletes under 18 may participate with the full responsibility of their parents or guardians.

Deadline for submission of participation forms: 13 May 2013. The application form for participation in the race may be found at Please send your completed form to the e-mail address, or by fax to (++30) 2284061111.
Athletes from the Paros and Antiparos area may submit their forms up to midday on the day of the event. The race numbers will be distributed at the Starting Line prior to the beginning of the race (from 12:00 to 15:00).

Participation Fee: 5 euros (no fee for participants in the 2km Fun Race)

Route: The lovely and very picturesque course starts from the port of Antiparos, passes through the main village (1km), continues along the coastline as far as the settlement of Ayios Yeorgios (with its view to the island of Despotiko) and returns along the same route. (The entire race is on paved road.) This is where the checkpoint for athletes will be set up as well.

Time of Arrival for the Start: Participants are kindly requested to arrive—at the latest—half an hour prior to the beginning of the race, in order that the start of the race not be delayed.

Athlete ‘Fuelling’ Stations: There will be 6 stations along the route—at kilometres 5, 8.5, 12.2 (at Ayios Yeorgios—which is also the mid-way and turning point of the run), 16, 19.5 and 22. These stations will be offering runners water, isotonic drinks and bananas, and there will also be water at the Finish Line.

Times / Results: Unofficial times and results will be posted immediately upon finishing in a special area after the Finish Line; the official results will later be posted on our webpage along with photos from the race.

: Cups will be awarded to the top three finishers in both female and male categories.
: Everyone will receive medals and certificates.
: Cups will also be awarded in the 2km race to the top three finishers in both girls’ and boys’ categories.
: Persons with Special Abilities:
There will also be a separate category for persons with special abilities participating using manual wheelchairs.

Runners will be offered massages following the end of the event. There will also be a buffet for all participants who have registered and have procured an invitation at the time of receiving their race number. 

For more information, please contact: Yiorgos Daniilidis at (++30) 6973853790 (mobile), Yiannis Pantelakis at (++30) 6974870862 (mobile), or Vicky Kyriakopoulou at (++30) 2284061012 (landline).

Our e-mail address is at:

How to get here: The Blue Star Ferries shipping company has offered participants a 30% discount on tickets to and from Athens (departing from Athens on Friday or Saturday and returning from Paros on Sunday or Monday). After completing / sending in the participation form, please contact us concerning the boat ticket discount.
A representative of the organizers will be on hand at the port of Paros to greet participants upon their arrival from Athens and to help them make their way to Antiparos.

Choice of Hotel Accommodation: We are attempting to secure one free night of accommodation for each participant. Runners declaring their interest in receiving a free overnight stay will be placed on a first-come first-served list.
A visit is being planned for Sunday morning to the Archaeological Site of the Temple of Apollo on the island of Despotiko.

It would be our great pleasure to see you in Antiparos!
The Antiparos En Plo Society

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