nfo Antiparos Enplo - Αντίπαρος Εν Πλω: January 2013


Happy New Year!

As the current year winds to an end and we prepare to ring in the new one, we would like to thank all those who took part in our Society’s activities in 2012. At this point, we would also like to seize the opportunity and briefly remember what all of us managed to do -together- during the course of the year now on its way out.

29/5/2012 We participated in the international activity entitled Let’s Do It! by cleaning up the ring road, from the port of Antiparos as far as Glyfa.

18/5/2012 We participated in the nationwide Bicycle Ride (, our course taking us from the port to Glyfa and back.

We organized and held the 1st Antiparos Road Race for Health (24.4km), along with a special 2km Fun Race and Walk along the same route. A total of 42 runners and 32 walkers took part, while another 53 -between the ages of three and 70- participated in the Fun Run.

27/7/2012 We presented a children’s workshop on Exploring the Acropolis, led by Nikos Anterriotis and Myrto Malamou.

8/8/2012 We organized a music concert by Vassiliki Karakosta, held at the Oliaros open-air summer cinema. 
In addition to these events held at the open-air cinema, screenings for both children and art film enthusiasts also took place throughout the entire summer at the Oliaros.

10/8/2012 We participated in the organization of a concert at the Kastro (Castle) featuring a string quartet.

October 2012 Sports lessons got underway, starting with volleyball lessons for women and young ladies (of junior high and high school age). To date, some 20 athletes have been taking part.

11/11/2012 Nine members / friends of our Antiparos En Plo Society took part in the most recent edition of the Athens Classic Marathon.

02/12/2012 Two of our members participated in the 70km ultra marathon in Crete, and our Society was twinned with the Marathon Runners’ Society of Crete.

14-16/12/2012 We participated in the programme Traffic Education, presented by the Hellenic Children’s Museum at the Primary School of Antiparos.

Brimming with good cheer and optimism, we hope we will be able to do even more in 2013, with activities that will help bring us even closer together. We wish you a Happy and Creative New Year, filled with solidarity and collectiveness. Be well, one and all!